Enviro Repertoire List

A compilation of composed, notated music with an environmental theme. 


This is by no means exhaustive, and undoubtably more is being composed right now. The list is also a community effort, so if you have any suggestions of compositions to include, or any other contributions, please submit here:






Thank you! Together, let's make this a valuable resource for finding and programming more environmental music!


Abrahamsen, Hans: Wald

Abrahamsen, Hans: Shnee

Adams, John Luther: Become Ocean

Adams, John Luther: Earth and the Great Weather

Anderson, Laurie: Landfall

Arnold, Martin: Coo Coo Bird

Arnold, Martin: Moonlight on the Bluff


Bailie, Joanna: To Be Beside the Seaside

Bartok, Bela: Romanian Folk Dances 

Bartok, Bela: 44 Duos for Two Violins

Bates, Mason: Red River

Beethoven, Ludvig van: Violin Sonata No. 5 in F Major, Op. 24, "Spring"

Beethoven, Ludvig van: Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68, "Pastoral"

Braid, David: Great Bear River Blues

Brahms, Johannes: Sonata No. 1 for Piano and Violin "Rain Sonata"

Britten, Benjamin: Four Sea Interludes


Cage, John: The Seasons

Cameron, Allison: The Waning Moon

Cameron, Allison: Gibbous Moon

Cameron, Allison: Tree Ferns

Cameron, Allison:

di Castri, Zosha: ALBA

Catlin Smith, Linda: Wilderness

Catlin Smith, Linda: Nuages

Catlin Smith, Linda: Gold Leaf

Catlin Smith, Linda: Bloom

Catlin Smith, Linda: Forest

Catlin Smith, Linda: Vine

Catlin Smith, Linda: Rose With Thorns

Catlin Smith, Linda: Galanthus (Snowdrop)
Catlin Smith, Linda: Magnolia

Charke, Derek: After Chaos, the Earth and Love came into being

Charke, Derek: Aurora Dances

Charke, Derek: Symphony No. 2, "Earth Airs"

Charke, Derek: Song of the Tides

Charke, Derek: Break-Up

Charke, Derek: Feeling for Snow

Charke, Derek: Past Winters Solstice

Charke, Derek: What do the Birds Think

Charke, Derek: the world is itself a cargo carried

Charke, Derek: Concerto for Flute, "The Winds of Winter"

Charke, Derek: Tree Rings

Charke, Derek: Water Flows Serpentine

Charke, Derek: Oikos/Ecos

Charke, Derek: Tangled in Plastic Currents

Charke, Derek:

Chopin, Frederic: Prelude Op. 28, No. 15, "Raindrop"

Chopin, Frederic: Barcarolle, Op. 60

Crane, Laurence: See Our Lake

Croall, Barbara: Nbiidaasamishkaamin/We Come Paddling Here

Croall, Barbara: Nibi Nagamon/Water Song

Croall, Barbara: Giiwedin/North Wind

Croall, Barbara: Disaa-weshiinhyag/Cicadas

Croall, Barbara: Gichi Gamiing/Great Water

Croall, Barbara: Falling Leaves, Fallen Leaves

Croall, Barbara: If There Be Butterflies All Around

Croall, Barbara: Caribou Song

Croall, Barbara: Niiboowagizi-bineshiinhyag nagamod​/There are many small birds singing

Croall, Barbara: Naawashkosiw/In the Middle of the Meadow

Croall, Barbara: Noodin/There is a Wind

Croall, Barbara: Tree People

Croall, Barbara: Dagwaagin/It is Autumn

Croall, Barbara: Stories from Coyote

Croall, Barbara: The Four Directions

Croall, Barbara: Dancing Like Butterflies

Croall, Barbara: 

Crumb, George: Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale)


Davidson, Tina: Blue Curve of the Earth

Davidson, Tina: River

Davidson, Tina: Beyond the Blue Horizon

Davidson, Tina: Bright Air, Brilliant Fire

Davidson, Tina: A Bright Flash of Wings

Davidson, Tina: Blue Like an Orange

Davidson, Tina: Blue Dawn

Davidson, Tina: Spring After Spring

Davidson, Tina: Speak to the Earth

Davidson, Tina: Listening to the Earth

Davidson, Tina:

Debussy, Claude: La Mer

Debussy, Claude: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

Debussy, Claude: "The Snow is Dancing" from Children's Corner

Debussy, Claude: Clair de Lune

Debussy, Claude: "Nuages" from Nocturnes
Doolittle, Emily: Reedbird

Doolittle, Emily: Woodwings

Doolittle, Emily: Field Guide

Doolittle, Emily: Jan Tait and the Bear

Doolittle, Emily: migrations

Doolittle, Emily: sapling

Doolittle, Emily: Seven Duos for Birds or Strings

Doolittle, Emily: Songs of Seals

Doolittle, Emily: Vocalise (for Bees)

Doolittle, Emily: Social sounds from whales at night

Doolittle, Emily: Why the parrot repeats human words

Doolittle, Emily: music for magpies

Doolittle, Emily: four pieces about water

Doolittle, Emily: Ruby-throated Moment

Doolittle, Emily: night black bird song

Doolittle, Emily: suppose i was a marigold

Doolittle, Emily: Weather Songs

Doolittle, Emily: Three Summer Wassails

Downing, Andrew: Red River Fantasy

Dun, Tan: Water Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra

Einaudi, Ludivico: Elegy for the Arctic

Evison, Fiona: This is my place
Enns, Leonard: Ten Thousand Rivers of Oil

Fung, Vivian: Shifting Landscapes



Glass, Philip: Aguas de Amazonia

Goldmark, Rubin: In the Forest

Golijov, Osvaldo: Oceana


Handel, G.F: Water Music

Hatch, Peter: Reaching for Nothing (Water's Thirst)

Hatch, Peter: Reveiller

Hatch, Peter: Forest for the Trees

Haydn, Joseph: The Seasons

Haydn, Joseph: The Creation

Ho, Vincent: Arctic Symphony

Ho, Vincent: Earthbeat

Ho, Vincent: Morning Song

Ho, Vincent: Nature Whispers...

Horvat, Frank

Höstman, Anna: Harbour

Höstman, Anna: Lonesome Lake

Hovanhess, Alan: And God Created Whales
Husa, Karen: Apotheosis of this Earth

Hyde, Miriam: Water Nymph




Kondo, Jo: Mulberry

Kondo, Jo: To the Headlands

Kondo, Jo: In the Woods

Kondo, Jo: Gardenia

Kondo, Jo: Snow's Falling

Kondo, Jo: Isthmus


Lau, Kevin: Great North overture for brass band

Lau, Kevin: Postcards from a Blue Planet

Lau, Kevin: Race to the Midnight Sun

Lau, Kevin: River

Lim, Liza: Garden of Earthly Desire

Lim, Liza: The Four Seasons

Lim, Liza: An Ocean Beyond Earth

Lim, Liza: How Forests Think

Lim, Liza: Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus

Liszt, Franz: Gondoliera

Lizee, Nicole: La Terre a des Maux

Louie, Alexina: Infinite Sky With Birds

Louie, Alexina: Music for Heaven and Earth

Louie, Alexina: The Ringing Earth

Louie, Alexina: The Eternal Earth

Louie, Alexina: Winter Music

Louie, Alexina: Music for a Thousand Autumns

Louie, Alexina: Out of the Night, Birdsong

Louie, Alexina: Summer Music

Louie, Alexina: The Raven

Louie, Alexina: Earth Cycles

Louie, Alexina: Love Songs for a Small Planet


Maulevere, Charles: One Home, an Environmental Symphony

Maunders, Duncan: Songs About the Sea

Mascall, Richard: Petroglyphs

Messiaen, Olivier

Muhly, Nico: I Drink the Air Before Me

Nishimura, Cait: Lake Superior Suite

Oesterle, Michael: Perennials

Oesterle, Michael: Kingfisher

Oesterle, Michael: Kangaroo

Oesterle, Michael: Orangutan


Padding, Martijn: White Eagle

Prestini, Paola: Oceanic Fantasy

Prestini, Paola: Earthbound Mass



Raff, Joachim: Symphony No. 3 "In the Forest"

Raff, Joachim: Symphony No. 7 "In the Alps"

Raum, Elizabeth: Four Elements for Violin and Trombone

Ravel, Maurice: "A Boat on the Ocean" from Miroirs

Ravel, Maurice: "Moths" from Miroirs

Ravel, Maurice: "Oiseaux Tristes" from Miroirs

Ravel, Maurice: Ondine

Reimer-Watts, Keenan: Scenes

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai: Fllight of the Bumblebee
Rowson, William: Short Variations on Waves


Saariaho, Kaija: Neiges

Saariaho, Kaija: Lichtbogen

Saariaho, Kaija: Couleurs du vent

Saariaho, Kaija: Petals

Saariaho, Kaija: Trois Rivieres: Delta

Schafer, R. Murray: String Quartet No. 2 "waves"

Sharman, Rodney: Four Seasons One Tree

Sharman, Rodney: Small Flower

Sharman, Rodney: Dry Leaves

Sharman, Rodney: In Deepening Light

Sharman, Rodney: Narcissus

Sharman, Rodney: Morning Fog

Sigesmund, Darren: Kensington Ceilidh

Skarecky, Jana: Love for the Earth

Skarecky, Jana: The Beginning of the wind

Skarecky, Jana: Planet Earth

Skarecky, Jana: The Living Wind

Skarecky, Jana: O Earth

Skarecky, Jana: Pip the Puffin

Skarecky, Jana: Birds of Canada

Skarecky, Jana: Paddy the Beaver

Skarecky, Jana: Three Artist Songs

Skarecky, Jana: The Owl Babies

Skarecky, Jana: Song of the Four Seasons

Skarecky, Jana: Butterfly Songs

Skarecky, Jana: Sam the Snake

Skarecky, Jana: Australian Animals

Skarecky, Jana: Luminous Forest

Skarecky, Jana: Mountain Lake

Skarecky, Jana: Down River

Skarecky, Jana: Birds in the Hickory Tree

Skarecky, Jana: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth

Skarecky, Jana: Rose of Sharon

Skarecky, Jana: The Land Sings

Smetana,​ Bedřich: Vltava (The Moldau)

Sollima, Giovanni: Heimat Terra

Sollima, Giovanni: Tree Raga Song

Sollima, Giovanni: When We Were Trees

Sollima, Giovanni: 

Southam, Ann: Rivers (Set 1, 2 and 3)

Staniland, Andrew: Four Elements for String Quartet

Strauss, Johann: Blue Danube Waltz

Tagaq, Tanya: Sivunittinni

Taves, Heather: East Coast Suite

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr: The Seasons

Telemann, George Phillip: "Cricket" Symphony



Vivaldi, Antonio: "Four Seasons" Concertos for Violin and Orchestra


Wencheng, Lü: Autumn Moon Over Calm Lake
Wright, Danny: The Nature of Things





In alphabetical order, by composer