Enviro Repertoire List

A compilation of composed, notated music with an environmental theme. 


This is by no means exhaustive, and undoubtably more is being composed right now. The list is also a community effort, so if you have any suggestions of compositions to include, or any other contributions, please submit here:






Thank you! Together, let's make this a valuable resource for finding and programming more environmental music!


Abrahamsen, Hans: Wald

Abrahamsen, Hans: Shnee

Adams, John Luther: Become Ocean

Adams, John Luther: Earth and the Great Weather

Anderson, Laurie: Landfall

Arnold, Martin: Coo Coo Bird

Arnold, Martin: Moonlight on the Bluff


Bailie, Joanna: To Be Beside the Seaside

Bartok, Bela: Romanian Folk Dances 

Bartok, Bela: 44 Duos for Two Violins

Bates, Mason: Red River

Beethoven, Ludvig van: Violin Sonata No. 5 in F Major, Op. 24, "Spring"

Beethoven, Ludvig van: Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68, "Pastoral"

Braid, David: Great Bear River Blues

Brahms, Johannes: Sonata No. 1 for Piano and Violin "Rain Sonata"

Britten, Benjamin: Four Sea Interludes


Cage, John: The Seasons

Cameron, Allison: The Waning Moon

Cameron, Allison: Gibbous Moon

Cameron, Allison: Tree Ferns

Cameron, Allison:

di Castri, Zosha: ALBA

Catlin Smith, Linda: Wilderness

Catlin Smith, Linda: Nuages

Catlin Smith, Linda: Gold Leaf

Catlin Smith, Linda: Bloom

Catlin Smith, Linda: Forest

Catlin Smith, Linda: Vine

Catlin Smith, Linda: Rose With Thorns

Catlin Smith, Linda: Galanthus (Snowdrop)
Catlin Smith, Linda: Magnolia

Charke, Derek: After Chaos, the Earth and Love came into being

Charke, Derek: Aurora Dances

Charke, Derek: Symphony No. 2, "Earth Airs"

Charke, Derek: Song of the Tides

Charke, Derek: Break-Up

Charke, Derek: Feeling for Snow

Charke, Derek: Past Winters Solstice

Charke, Derek: What do the Birds Think

Charke, Derek: the world is itself a cargo carried

Charke, Derek: Concerto for Flute, "The Winds of Winter"

Charke, Derek: Tree Rings

Charke, Derek: Water Flows Serpentine

Charke, Derek: Oikos/Ecos

Charke, Derek: Tangled in Plastic Currents

Charke, Derek:

Chopin, Frederic: Prelude Op. 28, No. 15, "Raindrop"

Chopin, Frederic: Barcarolle, Op. 60

Crane, Laurence: See Our Lake

Croall, Barbara: Nbiidaasamishkaamin/We Come Paddling Here

Croall, Barbara: Nibi Nagamon/Water Song

Croall, Barbara: Giiwedin/North Wind

Croall, Barbara: Disaa-weshiinhyag/Cicadas

Croall, Barbara: Gichi Gamiing/Great Water

Croall, Barbara: Falling Leaves, Fallen Leaves

Croall, Barbara: If There Be Butterflies All Around

Croall, Barbara: Caribou Song

Croall, Barbara: Niiboowagizi-bineshiinhyag nagamod​/There are many small birds singing

Croall, Barbara: Naawashkosiw/In the Middle of the Meadow

Croall, Barbara: Noodin/There is a Wind

Croall, Barbara: Tree People

Croall, Barbara: Dagwaagin/It is Autumn

Croall, Barbara: Stories from Coyote

Croall, Barbara: The Four Directions

Croall, Barbara: Dancing Like Butterflies

Croall, Barbara: 

Crumb, George: Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale)


Davidson, Tina: Blue Curve of the Earth

Davidson, Tina: River

Davidson, Tina: Beyond the Blue Horizon

Davidson, Tina: Bright Air, Brilliant Fire

Davidson, Tina: A Bright Flash of Wings

Davidson, Tina: Blue Like an Orange

Davidson, Tina: Blue Dawn

Davidson, Tina: Spring After Spring

Davidson, Tina: Speak to the Earth

Davidson, Tina: Listening to the Earth

Davidson, Tina:

Debussy, Claude: La Mer

Debussy, Claude: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

Debussy, Claude: "The Snow is Dancing" from Children's Corner

Debussy, Claude: Clair de Lune

Debussy, Claude: "Nuages" from Nocturnes
Doolittle, Emily: Reedbird

Doolittle, Emily: Woodwings

Doolittle, Emily: Field Guide

Doolittle, Emily: Jan Tait and the Bear

Doolittle, Emily: migrations

Doolittle, Emily: sapling

Doolittle, Emily: Seven Duos for Birds or Strings

Doolittle, Emily: Songs of Seals

Doolittle, Emily: Vocalise (for Bees)

Doolittle, Emily: Social sounds from whales at night

Doolittle, Emily: Why the parrot repeats human words

Doolittle, Emily: music for magpies

Doolittle, Emily: four pieces about water

Doolittle, Emily: Ruby-throated Moment

Doolittle, Emily: night black bird song

Doolittle, Emily: suppose i was a marigold

Doolittle, Emily: Weather Songs

Doolittle, Emily: Three Summer Wassails

Downing, Andrew: Red River Fantasy

Dun, Tan: Water Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra

Einaudi, Ludivico: Elegy for the Arctic

Evison, Fiona: This is my place
Enns, Leonard: Ten Thousand Rivers of Oil

Fung, Vivian: Shifting Landscapes



Glass, Philip: Aguas de Amazonia

Goldmark, Rubin: In the Forest

Golijov, Osvaldo: Oceana


Handel, G.F: Water Music

Hatch, Peter: Reaching for Nothing (Water's Thirst)

Hatch, Peter: Reveiller

Hatch, Peter: Forest for the Trees

Haydn, Joseph: The Seasons

Haydn, Joseph: The Creation

Ho, Vincent: Arctic Symphony

Ho, Vincent: Earthbeat

Ho, Vincent: Morning Song

Ho, Vincent: Nature Whispers...

Horvat, Frank

Höstman, Anna: Harbour

Höstman, Anna: Lonesome Lake

Hovanhess, Alan: And God Created Whales
Husa, Karen: Apotheosis of this Earth

Hyde, Miriam: Water Nymph




Kondo, Jo: Mulberry

Kondo, Jo: To the Headlands

Kondo, Jo: In the Woods

Kondo, Jo: Gardenia

Kondo, Jo: Snow's Falling

Kondo, Jo: Isthmus


Lau, Kevin: Great North overture for brass band

Lau, Kevin: Postcards from a Blue Planet

Lau, Kevin: Race to the Midnight Sun

Lau, Kevin: River

Lim, Liza: Garden of Earthly Desire

Lim, Liza: The Four Seasons

Lim, Liza: An Ocean Beyond Earth

Lim, Liza: How Forests Think

Lim, Liza: Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus

Liszt, Franz: Gondoliera

Lizee, Nicole: La Terre a des Maux

Louie, Alexina: Infinite Sky With Birds

Louie, Alexina: Music for Heaven and Earth

Louie, Alexina: The Ringing Earth

Louie, Alexina: The Eternal Earth

Louie, Alexina: Winter Music

Louie, Alexina: Music for a Thousand Autumns

Louie, Alexina: Out of the Night, Birdsong

Louie, Alexina: Summer Music

Louie, Alexina: The Raven

Louie, Alexina: Earth Cycles

Louie, Alexina: Love Songs for a Small Planet


Maulevere, Charles: One Home, an Environmental Symphony

Maunders, Duncan: Songs About the Sea

Mascall, Richard: Petroglyphs

Messiaen, Olivier

Muhly, Nico: I Drink the Air Before Me

Nishimura, Cait: Lake Superior Suite

Oesterle, Michael: Perennials

Oesterle, Michael: Kingfisher

Oesterle, Michael: Kangaroo

Oesterle, Michael: Orangutan


Padding, Martijn: White Eagle

Prestini, Paola: Oceanic Fantasy

Prestini, Paola: Earthbound Mass



Raff, Joachim: Symphony No. 3 "In the Forest"

Raff, Joachim: Symphony No. 7 "In the Alps"

Raum, Elizabeth: Four Elements for Violin and Trombone

Ravel, Maurice: "A Boat on the Ocean" from Miroirs

Ravel, Maurice: "Moths" from Miroirs

Ravel, Maurice: "Oiseaux Tristes" from Miroirs

Ravel, Maurice: Ondine

Reimer-Watts, Keenan: Scenes

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai: Fllight of the Bumblebee
Rowson, William: Short Variations on Waves


Saariaho, Kaija: Neiges

Saariaho, Kaija: Lichtbogen

Saariaho, Kaija: Couleurs du vent

Saariaho, Kaija: Petals

Saariaho, Kaija: Trois Rivieres: Delta

Schafer, R. Murray: String Quartet No. 2 "waves"

Sharman, Rodney: Four Seasons One Tree

Sharman, Rodney: Small Flower

Sharman, Rodney: Dry Leaves

Sharman, Rodney: In Deepening Light

Sharman, Rodney: Narcissus

Sharman, Rodney: Morning Fog

Sigesmund, Darren: Kensington Ceilidh

Skarecky, Jana: Love for the Earth

Skarecky, Jana: The Beginning of the wind

Skarecky, Jana: Planet Earth

Skarecky, Jana: The Living Wind

Skarecky, Jana: O Earth

Skarecky, Jana: Pip the Puffin

Skarecky, Jana: Birds of Canada

Skarecky, Jana: Paddy the Beaver

Skarecky, Jana: Three Artist Songs

Skarecky, Jana: The Owl Babies

Skarecky, Jana: Song of the Four Seasons

Skarecky, Jana: Butterfly Songs

Skarecky, Jana: Sam the Snake

Skarecky, Jana: Australian Animals

Skarecky, Jana: Luminous Forest

Skarecky, Jana: Mountain Lake

Skarecky, Jana: Down River

Skarecky, Jana: Birds in the Hickory Tree

Skarecky, Jana: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth

Skarecky, Jana: Rose of Sharon

Skarecky, Jana: The Land Sings

Smetana,​ Bedřich: Vltava (The Moldau)

Sollima, Giovanni: Heimat Terra

Sollima, Giovanni: Tree Raga Song

Sollima, Giovanni: When We Were Trees

Sollima, Giovanni: 

Southam, Ann: Rivers (Set 1, 2 and 3)

Staniland, Andrew: Four Elements for String Quartet

Strauss, Johann: Blue Danube Waltz

Tagaq, Tanya: Sivunittinni

Taves, Heather: East Coast Suite

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr: The Seasons

Telemann, George Phillip: "Cricket" Symphony



Vivaldi, Antonio: "Four Seasons" Concertos for Violin and Orchestra


Wencheng, Lü: Autumn Moon Over Calm Lake
Wright, Danny: The Nature of Things





In alphabetical order, by composer

The creators of Compostable Concerts are grateful to live, work, and play in Kitchener-Waterloo, which is situated on the Haldimand tract. This land was promised to the Haudenosaunee people and is the ancestral land of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee of Six Nations Confederacy, Neutral/Attawandaron, and any other nations who have cared for the land, recorded or unrecorded. 

We also acknowledge all other caretakers of the land: the worms that turn the soil, the bees that pollinate the flowers, the trees that protect against erosion and filter our water, and we believe that the privilege of calling this land home comes with a great responsibility to care for it, and to leave it better than we found it.

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