About Us

Compostable Concerts is both a Zero-Waste concert series, and a community-based resource for making the music industry more environmentally sustainable. Check out our work, and how you can contribute:

The concerts

We believe that the lasting effect of a concert should be the memories, and the tunes that get stuck in your head; not the trash it produced. That's why we created Kitchener-Waterloo's first zero-waste concert series. We feature a variety of professional artists across genres, united by a common passion for the environment.

  • We use music to INSPIRE an emotional connection to the ways waste impacts life on Earth, and INSPIRE action toward sustainable living.

  • We provide access to ACTION audiences can take to make change, such as through our Zero-Waste Pledge, and our partnerships with local businesses and organizations doing great work in environmental action.

  • We build COMMUNITY by including eco-themed group discussions at our concert events, and by creating a space where people can meet and connect over environmental initiatives.

  • We go paperless and avoid any waste other than COMPOST so that our concerts doesn't produce anything that can't be immediately returned to the land.

We are very grateful to the Waterloo Region Arts Fund for supporting the concert series.

Our Values


We know a lot of musicians are looking for ways to make their concerts and careers more eco-friendly, and we want to make it easy to do so. We've got a variety of projects that you can use for inspiration, and contribute your ideas to:

Classical Conservation is a YouTube channel compiling high quality video recordings of environmentally-themed music paired with links to related conservation organizations, encouraging listeners to support the natural world that gives inspiration to so much of the music we love.

The Enviro Repertoire List is a database of notated classical music, from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" to Kevin Lau's "Postcards from a Blue Planet." We want to make it easy for performers to program nature-themed music. 


The Compostable Concerts Blog is a place to read about what different musicians are doing to make their shows and careers more environmentally sustainable. We want to celebrate the awesome work people are doing and share ideas that you can try out!


Compostable Concerts is proud to be a member of Communities for Conservation, who provide an easy way to give back to the Earth that gives us everything we have.

Just text "Conserve" to 20222 from any Canadian phone to contribute $5 to conservation work around the world. 

Who We Are

Compostable Concerts was created by Veda Hingert-McDonald and Keenan Reimer-Watts. They are both musicians and environmental activists based in Kitchener, Ontario. Together they are the environmentally focused singer-songwriter duo Erso